"I had a phenomenal experience going through the KonMari method with Fernanda. I enjoyed going through all the categories of the home guided by her and thoughtfully choosing what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to donate. Before this process I just felt like I had a lot of "stuff". Now I feel like all the items I own have a purpose or truly bring me joy. I also really appreciate the aspect of organizing as well as decluttering. I no longer have to search my whole apartment to find the one random thing 'I know I have somewhere.'


Fernanda was so supportive during the whole thing and asked the right questions to help me work through my thoughts and make the decision that was right for me. I never felt judged or like I was making bad choices. After this process I enjoy being home even more and appreciate my surroundings and how meaningful they are. A lot more often I walk around my apartment and think 'I love this place.' It truly feels like me now."

| Morgan |