100 days of sweat

Windy Peak | 2020

Last week I came across a video titled "I worked out for 100 days in a row - this is what happened", from a YouTube channel that I follow. I was instantly intrigued and clicked to watch it. The couple, that lives in a van, committed to breaking a sweat for 100 days and joined thousands of people on the #100daysofsweat challenge created by Yes Theory.

Besides the breathtaking places they worked out at, I was amazed and inspired by how they were able to complete the challenge even though they were living in a van, constantly traveling and without a routine. Which comes to show that anyone can do it, you just have to be committed!

Since the beginning of quarantine I've been through many different health phases. It started very poorly at the end of March with a lot of pizza and beer. Mid May I decided to eat better and tried a vegan keto diet with daily exercise. By the en of June I was following a 1,200 calorie vegan meal plan and doing the couch to 5k training. I ended up going on a small vacation mid July and have fallen off the healthy wagon ever since. I am still on track with my 5k training, give or take a day or two, but the food department has been lacking.

Between the boredom of staying at home and the need to go back to a healthier lifestyle I decided to message some friends and ask them if they wanted to join me in completing this challenge. I was surprised at how many positive responses I got and the excitement from some of them! I guess I'm not the only one looking to change things up during this time.

So I messaged everyone interested and told them the rules: exercise and sweat daily for 100 days! I created a group chat so we can keep each other accountable and motivated for the next 100 days. I know it won't be easy, I personally have never finished a fitness challenge and have never committed to working out for that long, so I am excited to see how I am going to perform and how I will have improved my physical and mental health after those 100 days.

Have you ever participated in a fitness challenge? Want to join us in the #100daysofsweat?