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me and my mom, oxford 1998

The year was 1998, I was 7 years old and was moving across the globe with my family. I didn't speak the language and I only had a few weeks to learn the basics. I didn't really understand where we were going, I didn't quite grasped the passage of time and I was leaving everything I knew for the unknown. It was the best thing that ever happened to me!

My family and I lived in England for a couple of years and that is the moment I can pinpoint my passion for traveling began. I went to a school where I had no friends and didn't know how to communicate with them, so I did what I thought was the best way to get my message across... I started drawing what I was trying to say, and it worked.

A couple of months after moving, my parents were considering moving back to Brazil because they feared I was isolated from the other kids and that the language barrier was too much for me. My mom was studying to get her PhD in Literature, with a full ride scholarship and everything else payed for, so they really had to think about what to do next. While they pondered whether to return or not, my mom got a call from my teacher one afternoon, extremely excited to share that I had finally started speaking english with my classmates and that it was now hard to make me stop.

Needless to say everyone was excited by the news and my parents could sigh in relief. The next few months turned out to be the most exciting and memorable years of my life. I had friends from all over the world, I was speaking a new language, learning a new culture, traveling around the country and learning to love it all.

Those years I spent in England shaped me in ways that wouldn't have been possible unless I had the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and see what was out there, all thanks to my mom! It was thanks to her that I learned the beauty of exploring the unknown and being open to new challenges. She taught me how to be brave and seize a great opportunity when it comes knocking on your door. It was her that showed me that no matter what people tell you, you are the one in charge of your life and you are the one responsible for paving your own path. And it's to her that I owe my love for traveling!

And if there is something else I also love is sharing that passion with others so that they too can discover the world in their own way. That's why I'll be sharing some tips and advice from the places I've visited and hopefully make you feel as excited as I am about exploring this beautiful world of ours!

Ready for your next adventure?

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