get organized: decor

(This is day 10 of the Get Organized Series)

We have reached the home stretch with only three categories to go. You sorted your stationery, beauty products, electronics, digital files, social media, linens and now it’s time to tackle your decor. This will include anything you have in your house that is used for decorative purposes, including seasonal items.

Ideal life

Remove all the items from their original spaces and create a pile. To make sorting easier, divide them in sub categories: frames, candles, knick knacks, plants, lighting and so on. It’s very important in this category that you use your vision as your guide. Make sure everything you keep not only sparks joy but also aligns with your ideal life.

If you are not sure an item “sparks joy,” ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of this item in my life?

  • Is it actually a sentimental item?

  • Can I decorate my space with less stuff?

  • Does this item fit in my ideal life?

  • Do I need this many seasonal decorations?

Have fun

Set aside what no longer brings you joy and express gratitude to each item before letting go. Once you are done sorting take the opportunity to have fun redecorating your space. Think about how each item fits in your ideal life and be mindful about where you place them in your space. Don’t keep anything in boxes or hidden away, display everything with pride. If you have an item that you don’t want guests to see, create a space in your bedroom or closet to display it however you like. 

Seasonal decor

If you have a lot of seasonal decor but feel overwhelmed when it's time to decorate, consider keeping fewer items. Maybe you just have one pumpkin for Halloween, three stockings for Christmas and a wreath for spring. Think about how putting all those items up and taking them down makes you feel. If you love it and can’t wait to change things up it might be a sign that it brings you joy. If you dread having to get everything from storage and set it up year after year, reconsider.

Pay it forward

Depending on the amount of stuff you are letting go, you can try having a garage sale to make some money from your unwanted items. If that is too much work, find a charity shop nearby to donate. A great place for seasonal items are non-profits like animal shelters. They love to decorate for the season, but much rather spend their money helping the animals.

I hope you had some fun with this category and now have a home filled with items that bring you joy! I’ll see you tomorrow to help you sort your hobby items.