get organized: linen

(This is day 9 of the Get Organized Series)

I know the last two categories were tough and you probably are not done with them yet, but that’s okay. Keep working in whichever category you are and I’ll be right here when you are ready to move on.

Keep going

For today I chose an “easier” category so we can take a breather and re-energize. So we are going to sort through your linen closet, and that will include towels, sheets, bedding and any other cloth material that might fall under this category. Like we did with clothes you want to remove all the items from their locations and create smaller piles. Once you are done, it’s time to start sorting.

If you are not sure an item “sparks joy,” ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does this item fit in my ideal life?

  • Do I need this many items of the same category?

  • Can one item serve multiple purposes?

  • How often do I use these items?

Set aside what no longer brings you joy and express gratitude to each item before letting go. Once you are done sorting, return to your closet and take the time to do a deep clean before putting items back.

Avoid the landfill

For the items that you are discarding, think about who could benefit from them. Animal shelters are always in need of towels and you can create a bedding set with your discarded items and keep it in your car. When you drive by a homeless person you can kindly donate that to them. Just make sure that you find a place for your unwanted items before resorting to the landfill.

And there you have it, one more category done only three more to go. See you again tomorrow to sort through your decor items.