get organized Q&A

After finishing the Get Organized Series you might still have some questions that I wasn't able to answer throughout the tidy marathon. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about this process:

What if my partner doesn’t want to participate?

This tidying marathon starts as an individual journey. You will be doing this for yourself and by yourself, without any expectations from other people. If you share a house with someone, you can let them know you are doing a tidy marathon and explain why. The best way to have someone join you is by tidying your space and showing visible results. If that person thinks that tidying would be a good idea for them, they will do it. If not, you shouldn't force the process. Each individual feels the need, or not, to do this in their own time. Forcing someone to tidy their things is the quickest way to get into an argument.

Can I tidy other people's stuff?

You should never go through someone else's stuff without their permission. Not only are you intruding into their privacy, but also their trust. If you feel like someone could benefit from this tidying marathon, do it yourself first, then invite them for coffee and explain the benefits you found throughout your journey. If they show interest and ask for your help, make sure to be supportive and non judgmental. They are the ones that need to decide what stays and what goes, not you!

What about my kids?

You will be surprised at how much kids love being included in these kinds of activities. After you are done going through your stuff and you want to start on your children's items, make sure to sit down with them and explain why and how you are going to do this. Use words that are more relatable to them, instead of "does it spark joy" ask if it makes them happy or if they like playing with it. If they struggle to make a decision, ask them to pick a top 10 or chose between two items that they like more. You should never discard your child's items without their permission. Children create attachments to their things from an early age, and by choosing for them you are taking away their ability to make their own decisions.

I am scared I will discard something I will regret later!

You will! And that's ok. Go through this process knowing that you will have regrets, but don't let that stop you. If you end up regretting something you gave away, remember this: few things are truly irreplaceable and you should honor yourself from when you made the decision to discard. If you really miss something you gave up, go ahead and buy a new one. That shows that the item brought you joy and you want it back in to your life. If you decided it doesn't bring you happiness and then changed your mind later, try to honor the decision from when you made it. There was a reason why you didn't want it to begin with.

I don’t like folding, do I really have to?

I've said this many times throughout the series, but I'll say it again: even if you are not a fan of folding, give it a try. Try folding all the items you can and organize them by color (lightest in the front, darkest in the back). Once you fold everything in your closet you will notice a big difference in how you feel when it's time to get dressed in the morning. Try keeping up with the folding after a few laundry days, and if you still don't love it, find a way to store your closes that brings you joy.

I only want to organize my kitchen, can I start there?

The reason we start with clothes and work our way up to miscellaneous items is so that we can practice and hone our sensitivity to joy. Clothes are items we wear everyday and are closer to our heart, so it's easier to tell what we like and don't like. Once you get through your clothes, you will gain momentum and will have a better understanding of what to do in the next category. Working in order will allow you to make better decisions and understand how those items fit in your ideal life. Even if you only want to organize your kitchen, try starting with clothes and see how you feel. I guarantee you'll catch the organizing bug and will want to work through all the categories.

I hope these answers were helpful to you. If there is anything I didn't cover, please don't hesitate to reach out.