get organized: storage

(This is day 14 of the Get Organized Series)

So you've finished all categories, now what? Throughout this process I asked you to store your chosen items in places that were accessible, visible and that sparked joy. Now it's time to do a final walk through and see what is and isn't working. We will be making all of your desired changes and will find permanent solutions for all your items.

Every item needs a home

When doing this walk through, pay attention to any item laying around that doesn’t have a home yet. Every item you own should have a designated place to live, that way you will prevent mess from accumulating around the house and you will know where everything is when you need it.

Boxes, boxes, boxes

Storing items in boxes helps reduce visual clutter and makes it easier to divide them into categories. Plus, anytime you need to move something or clean a surface, the box will help make the job easier. You don’t need fancy boxes to get the job done: shoe boxes, food and electronics packaging all work. Be creative! If you don’t like the way the boxes look, you can always wrap them with gift paper and decorate them to your taste.

Fold everything (when possible)

Use the magic of folding to save you space and help you see all the items you have. Even if you are not a huge fan of folding, give it a try, you might be surprised! Not all items will like being folded, so in that case it’s okay to hang them.

Color coding

When organizing cloth items, make sure that you put the lightest colors in the front and darkest in the back. If you are hanging them, they should rise to the right and be organized by length and color.

Beware the container store

When you start organizing and deciding on where to store everything, you will be tempted to go out and buy storage containers. Don’t! Wait until you are completely done to evaluate what you actually need. You very likely already have all the accessories necessary for this step in your home, so avoid bringing in any extra unnecessary stuff.

Display with pride

Don’t keep any decorative items hidden away. Make sure to use all your sentimental items and other decorative pieces to enrich your space. Make sure to have fun with it! If you don’t feel comfortable displaying something, you can create a space in your closet, dresser or cabinet that holds all those items. Every time you open it, you’ll see it and be instantly filled with joy.

This is a once in a lifetime journey so you shouldn’t have to go through it again. Hopefully this process has taught you how to be more mindful about your purchases and you won’t feel the need to fill your house with more stuff. After going through this journey you will notice how easy it is to keep your home clean and clutter free and you will be happy to put everything back where it belongs.

Come back tomorrow for our final day in this Get Organized series where we will look back at what we learned and set intentions for our homes and lives moving forward!