good reads: the curated closet

You know those things that are obvious, but because you are so used to doing it your way your forget it's even an option? That was me last year. I was so used to buying books that I forgot that lending them from the library was an option. After I moved to Colorado and started organizing my life so I would live with less I started rethinking my shopping habits, and realized how much money I was spending by buying books vs. the value I was getting from it. So after saying goodbye to some old friends, I went to the library and got myself a card (I currently have three), now I only buy books that I will always get value from and buy them second hand.

Once I got my library card I was super excited to get back into my reading habits. I used to read so many books, but once I graduated college and started working I slowly got out of that habit. One of the first books I check out was The Curated Closet, by Anuschka Rees, and it was a game changer for my closet and clothes. This is not a book about fashion, it's a book that teaches you how to identify your style and create a closet that you love and feel inspired by.

The book is essentially one big art project. It’s fun and creative, you’ll get your hands dirty and learn something about yourself. And in the end, instead of a macrame plant hanger or a refurbished coffee table, you end up with a wardrobe that’s custom-tailored to your style and life. - Rees

By the time I read the book, I had already purged most of my closet, but it helped me identify some of the key pieces I had, how to mix-and-match what and how to make better purchases in the future. I'll be honest, since reading the book I barely bought any clothes, maybe three or four items, and they were replacements to something I already owned. Looking at my closet now, I feel happy to own things that I bring me joy, that fit well, go with my style and that I wear all the time.

The book was a pleasant and easy read, you can chose to do the activities while reading it or just read it all and then go back and start working on your closet. For those really invested in making some big change, she also has a workbook that came out after the book, and it's a step-by-step guide on how to build your dream wardrobe. Overall, I think this is a great guide for those looking to change their shopping habits and not have to worry about not having anything to wear ever again!