how it all began...

Back in September 2016 my husband and I decided to quit our jobs, break our lease and move out of state. We were living in Louisiana at the time and we both wanted to see what was out there! I left my job as a graphic designer and started working remotely for a magazine, he was tired of working as an accountant and decided to pursue a career in insurance. So we packed all of our stuff (we had lots of it) and moved in with some friends while we waited for my husband to get called in for work.

Fast forward a couple weeks and we had to make a decision on where to go and what to do next. As it turned out, we had been misinformed about the hiring process for the job and had to come up with a new plan. That's when we gathered all of our stuff, again, and moved in with my mother-in-law. Once you have to move all your stuff from one two story house to another and make 10 plus car trips in one day, you really start to hate everything you own. We took the guest bedroom upstairs and, since the house was already furnished, all of our stuff was kept in boxes in the shed.

Around Christmas time I was researching ideas on what to gift people and ended up watching YouTube videos. I came across a YouTuber named MuchelleB and spent hours binge watching her minimalism/organization series. In one of the videos she talks about what she learned from The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and that's how it all began! After watching the video I immediately bought the book and spent the next hours devouring it.

A couple days later I felt inspired and very excited to start my own tidying journey. Because all of our stuff (except for clothes) was in boxes in the shed, I had to bring them inside, one by one and try to follow the guidelines as best as I could. The process got messy and overwhelming. I didn't know where everything was so it was hard to group and sort stuff in categories. I did my best to go trough all the boxes and say goodbye to the things that didn't spark joy, but I wasn't able to complete my journey.

After a few days tidying up, the frustration of not being able to have everything in one place, all at once, took the best of me. I promised myself I would pickup where I left as soon as we moved out and had our own place (it took two years), but the best thing about starting my tidying journey was that it sparked my desire to learn how to live with less. After having to pack and unpack all of the stuff I didn't need, something changed, and I started to see things from a different perspective. The feeling of letting go and the realization that I didn't need all that stuff to be happy was what kept me going and is what brought me to where I am today.

What about you, ready to start your journey?