press pause. journal

I always wanted to be the kind of person that keeps journals, and it wasn't for lack of trying. Every year for the longest time I would buy a new notebook or planner and would promise myself that I would finish the year strong. It never happened. I think the furthest I gotten was October, but it was always around this time of year that I would start drifting and forgetting to make daily notes.

For the past couple years I had given up the idea to try and keep a journal. I told myself I just couldn't commit to a whole year and that it would be just a waste of money. So I started keeping track of my schedule digitally and didn't look back. That was until I received a gift card from a friend to a boutique gift shop in town.

I hadn't been inside a gift shop in years. After becoming a minimalist I avoided shops like that for a reason. When I was a teenager I loved buying new school supplies and searching for the cutest stationery items, so as soon as I entered the shop I knew I was in trouble.

I probably spent a good hour looking at everything they had. It had been so long since I've been inside a boutique shop that I wanted to check out all the new trends and what everyone was into lately. After a while I started feeling overwhelmed with the amount of stuff they had. I walked around in circles for a good twenty minutes not knowing what to get, until I saw a book that caught my attention.

As a designer I do judge a book by its cover, so when I saw the Pause. journal I knew I was onto something. I have deep appreciation for well designed everyday items, and this journal did not disappoint. I had never seen a journal that was set up like this one, so I immediately knew what I was going to buy.

As I went to go pay for it, the attendant asked me if I had seen the other journals from the same brand. Ah! The excitement of when you find something you like and there's more options... The other one was a Bucket List journal, with the same beautiful cover and design. I didn't think twice before bringing both home.

The biggest difference between the Pause. journal and other journals and planners I've had in the past is that it only requires your attention once a week, and that was a game changer. Committing to a weekly activity was way easier for me than doing it everyday. So I'm very happy to say that three months later I'm still writing in my journal, and not just that, I look forward to it. Every Sunday night I got to bed thirty minutes earlier so I can have plenty of time to think about the week I had and fill in the prompts from that week.

This journal is designed for you to think, feel, remember, explore, appreciate and celebrate life. It has truly changed the way I journal and it became a fun activity instead of an obligatory task. I haven't started on the Bucket List yet, but when I do I'll make sure to give my two cents. As for Pause., 10/10 recommend!